incubation success stories

Taiwan Shennong Social Enterprise Corp

Taiwan Shennong Social Enterprise Corp., which was founded by students from CYUT, is a spinout company from CYUT. It's core technology-Biological Inducible Pesticide Substitutes (BIPS) has been researched for over 10 years by Dr. Chien, who is the director of Pheromone Research Centre in Chaoyang University of Technology. CBIC played as an important role at the very beginning, we designed TSSE's ownership structure and financial modeling. After the hard training and careful design, CBIC arranged TSSE to attend some entrepreneurship competition. The toxic-free and highqualified products successfully attracted the judges' attention, TSSE has won 7 champions in a row so far. Based on its promising future and glorious competition records, TSSE raised over 0.7 million dollars on angel round, and has raised over 3 million dollars. Besides, TSSE cost only a year to get stock code, its EPS was more than 0.03-dollar last year. CIIC also helped TSSE sign MOU and operate projects with companies in China,Vietnam, and Malaysia. In China, TSSE has gotten the allowance to conduct the farm experiments. It's well expected to be the one of the biggest social enterprise in Asia.